Tuesday, December 30, 2008

oh the places I'll go...

This is my to go list:

-the grand canyon (i just want to)
-the louvre (art nerd)
-picayune, mississippi (for a wedding)
-yellowstone (to go on a hike)
-sequoia national park (because I like trees)
-graceland and graceland too (because i like elvis and lisa marie)
-columbus, georgia (but only if audra and payton are there)
-london (to sing "london calling" and "werewolves in london")
-egypt (because it's beautiful)
-aspen (to ski and snowboard)
-south africa (to play with small children and tell them about jesus)
-crater lake, oregon (to swim in a crater)
-dead sea (because it's disappearing)
-vatican city (for the art)
-new orleans (ew, not for mardi gras)
-wiltshire, england (for stonehenge)
-arctic ocean (to see narwhals and whales and penguins in the wild)
-washington dc (because im so american)

I'll probably add to this list... but it looks pretty good right now.


ana b. said...

This is a fantastic list! It makes me want to pack my bags and go! If you want art, I'd suggest Florence ;) but maybe you've been there already! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I've linked to you and will stop by a lot more often now! Happy NYE!

Allison Drew said...

Aw, thanks. You're so sweet. Florence is definitely a must. Actually, the entire country of Italy is a must.

MeLissa said...

You know what is NOT on this list?
Yeah... you're supposed to be coordinating visits with Leslie.

And I'm pretty sure places like Picayune, MS and Columbus, GA are pretty glad they made it on a Top Destinations list.

Allison Drew said...

Look, I've been to nashville. This is obviously a list of places I've never been to.

And picayune and columbus should be happy. No one in their right mind really wants to go there.

Kyle said...

I want to go to most of those places. I've been to Aspen, DC, and New Orleans - you really must go!