Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008: a playlist

After looking through my top 25 on itunes, various playlists, and cd's in my car... this is what I've come up with. My 2008 playlist! Some of these songs are just songs I like and listened to 348729387 times this year. Some of these songs just have speacial meaning. Some of them remind me of people or places or events from 2008. However, most of these songs were NOT written or recorded in 2008. I'll give you a story on some... but not all because that would take me 3 years to write.
Here we go.

seeing is believing - wild sweet orange

ghost - laura marling

wash my feet in the waves - chuck ragan
Because i like the harmonica so much

hallehlujah - jeff buckley

great divide - hanson
Because of the small african children.

heart in a cage - chris thile
Because I love this song. And I love the banjo so much. I need to marry a banjo/harmonica player. Send them my way.

behold the river - the snake the cross the crown

night terrors - wild sweet orange

ghetto superstar - pras, mya, odb
Because of that roadtrip I took with Brie.

sentimental heart - she and him

with god on our side - bob dylan and joan baez

after hours - we are scientist

oh my sweet carolina - ryan adams
Because of Ray.

remember the mountain bed - billy bragg and wilco

let go - frou frou
Because of Audra.

what would life be like - fuge mission videos
Because I watched kids give all the money they had. Because I saw adults cry while making out checks. Because I could hear what they were saying.

american music - violent femmes

annie waits - ben folds

way over yonder in the minor key - billy bragg and wilco

california - copeland
Because Cliff, Nathan and I sang it to Alee over the phone when she had to fly home to Mississippi. And we sang "come back from mississippi" instead of "come back from california". She cried.

all i can do - dolly parton

holy holy holy - sufjan stevens
Because it was the first song on my fuge kid's quiet time playlist. I listened to it every morning this summer while I prayed for a good day.

viva la vida - coldplay
Because it reminds me of staying up late with Payton making posters.

looking out my back door - creedence clearwater revival

ain't nothing wrong with that - robert randolph and the family band

i sing a lot - a rose by any other name
Because sadly this song is so true for me.

world spins madly on - the weepies

keep breathing - ingrid michealson

murder in the city - the avett brothers
Because I used to not be a fan, but I really do like this song.

hey jude - the beatles

john the revelator - son house
Because Audra and I love it... and lady Stacy hated it.

close your eyes - jump little children

fix you - coldplay
Because Nathan made that end of the summer video.

the seeker - dolly parton

There are probably more, but this is my list right now. If I was really cool, I would have just taken a screneshot of the playlist on itunes... but I don't know how to do that.


Sarah said...

Great taste in music! I definitely approve. I was just listening to the weepies actually.

Dan said...

Salty Grave - Life in Your Way
Because of ...
Big Casino - Jimmy Eat World
Because of tour
Hard Time Killin Floor Blues - Skip James
Because its awesome
Candyman Blues - Mississippi John Hurt
Because its raunchy
Love Like the Movies - Avett Brothers
Because of relationships
The End of the World - The Lilies and Sparrows
Because of bros

It's not 25, but it was fun anyway.

MeLissa said...

-California- I sing that to people who go away. It always breaks hearts.

-Hanson- still as relevant today as ever. Obviously.

-I sing alot- super fave.