Sunday, December 7, 2008

bringing good cheer

The last week has been good.
  1. Wednesday night dinner at Moe's with some of my faves. Also, an amazing Christmas sweater sighting while dining. Good news, Moe's Christmas tree topper is a sombrero.
  2. Thursday night bible study and tacos at Olivia's. She lives in a cave.
  3. The Office. I would vote for new chairs too...
  4. Christmas shopping with Riti... except I didn't really buy anything. She bought the makings for a pretty incredible mystical wreath. Dragons included.
  5. A new hoodie I made cooler with some boy scout patches.
  6. Albany, GA with Audra and Payton coming soon. I love you.
  7. Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer. Twilight, but from Edwards point of view! I'm addicted... again. Speaking of vampires, true blood on hbo is pretty good. Ray told me about it a long time ago, but I didn't start watching it until recently. The best opening credits I've ever seen. Seriously.
  8. Craft hour with Daniel. Okay, he didn't really make anything. And actually, I didn't make much either.
  9. Suck it tide.
  10. Underwear earrings.
  11. Starbucks festivities with wonderful people and wonderful drinks.
  12. Churchy-church. The trinity. Community.
  13. Picnic lunch and feeding the ducks with 4 little girls. This may have been the most beautiful event of the weekend. Those girls broke my heart. They were all dirty and wearing old tattered clothes... but that didn't matter because they were feeding the ducks. They were happy.
  14. And finally.... Christmas card making party! Yay!

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and again. suck it tide.