Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fu King Christmas

Don't judge me by the title.

I've never liked AZN food (or asian food for you people over the age of 16). I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's because when I was a kid and my parents would eat it they would just buy me and Brie a happy meal instead. We never asked for it... that's just what they did. When I got older sometimes we would have stir fry but I never liked it. That may be because it came from a bag.

I spent a summer in Mississippi and the only food we ate besides horrible cafeteria crap was BBQ (good news) and japanese food (bad news). I tried lot of different dishes. After 2 months I decided that I only like certain sushi and rice (but not with egg in it).

All that being said, today I ate an egg roll at my work Christmas party and it was delish. The only reason I tried it was because the person that made them was standing beside me and if I didn't take one she would talk about how I was rude for the rest of my life. Anyway, it was good. Real good. I hope this will become a trend for me.

I really want to like AZN cuisine. When picking a restaurant I'm always the girl people hate. There is a chinese place in Lake City called Fu King and I would like to eat there on a regular basis (specifically for the name)... but I don't because the food is so gross. I'm hoping one day I will feel differently.


Dan said...

you know i hate a picky eater, but you're not too bad. AZN food is delish. you'll come around.

Ashley said...

china-food is not delish. neither is anything related. japense food..the cooked good.
i am picky so i do not mind you being picky. why pay for something you don't like.

LC + AW 4E said...

Any time you want to be brave, we will go over to Fu King and try something new. I love me some AZN foodies!

MeLissa said...

This is a good day.