Sunday, December 14, 2008

the 12 days of Christmas was written by a bird lover

Last night I went to an ornament exchange christmas party. I didn't think I would have fun because I'm super picky about oranments/decorations. I like vintage/kitschy handmade type stuff or silly things kids make... usually not the hallmark special. However, I ended up having a pretty good time. I made my ornament out of shrinky dink. Good food, good people, and a good game of scatergories (which the Demott sisters dominated). High five. I wore a puff paint christmas tshirt my mom made for my dad in the late 80s and red yarn in my hair. I'm festive. After the party I got to hang out with Ashley (who I haven't even see in about a year) and her precious new daughter Harper! Isn't that the cutest name? I'm a fan.

My friend Daniel and I are going to a progressive dinner party on the 23rd and are trying to convince the party goers to come in holiday attire. I will be wearing a snowman sweater vest. He will be wearing a turtleneck. Many pictures will be taken.

I think people just pretend to like eggnog. No one really likes drinking spiked eggs.

My current non-christmas winter playlist:
winter - josh radin
lump sum - bon iver
midnight rider - the allmand brothers
play with fire - the rolling stones
blood of the lamb - billy bragg and wilco
remember the mountain bed - bill bragg and wilco
hallelujah - jeff buckley
seeing and believing - wild sweet orange
holy holy holy - sufjan stevens
let it be - the beatles
the seeker - dolly parton
samson - regina spektor
murder in the city - the avett brothers
come thou fount - sufjan stevens
brightest hour - the submarines
night terrors - wild sweet orange
say yes - elliot smith