Saturday, December 6, 2008

boughs of holly

I like this girl's cowgirl outfit. What's up with kids wearing costumes on Christmas? Remember the bunny suit from "A Christmas Story"? There is a picture of my dad when he was about 10 on Christmas morning wearing his cub scout uniform. Kids are funny.

Today I felt kind of crappy so I wore a tshirt and jeans to work. That made me feel a teeny bit better. Suck it dot! Christmas decorations also make me feel better.
Top 10 fave holiday decorations:
  1. popcorn garland
  2. paper chains
  3. old fashion large lights
  4. tinsel
  5. light up yard nativities from the late 70s
  6. white/silver/or pink trees
  7. paper snowflakes
  8. mistletoe (yes please)
  9. popsicle stick stars
  10. unconventional wreaths

Want to know some of my least fave? Animatronic Christmas figurines, giant blow-up snowglode yard ornaments, ginormous bows as tree toppers, trinkets.

Tonight Brie and I went Gainesville to do a little Christmas shopping. We weren't very successful. However, we did pick up lots of fun crafty stuff at Michael's. Yay!

A couple of months ago I said that I didn't "get" the avett brothers. I didn't see what the big deal was. Well, I may have been wrong. Or maybe I listened to the wrong album. Either way, I'm sorry. A few weeks ago I decided to give them another try and I decided I like "will you return". Then, last night a friend showed me the video for "murder in the city" and it was absolutely beautiful. I'm still not sure if I like all of their songs... but I do like those two.

Two videos in one week. I'm getting out of control.


Ashley said...

Boys with acoustic guitars are really my new favorite music. I LOVE City and Colour and I seem to like these two, so far.

Allison Drew said...

Oooooh! I like city and colour too!

LC + AW 4E said...

Not bad.