Monday, January 31, 2011

celebrity boyfriend palooza

Jessica and Trish tagged me in their latest posts about tv/movie celebrity boyfriend hotty-hots. Here are mine!

Paul Newman - obviously

Tommy Lee Jones - the younger years

Luke Wilson

Jaosn Schwatzman

Corey Matthews - The 12 year old in me is swooning.

Runners up - Joseph Gordon Levitt and Jack White (he counts because he has been in movies)
Who are your top 5 celebrity boyfriends?


Dear January 2011,
You were kind of long and you kind of stressed me out. I mean, I guess I can't hate you... you did bring me a house. But you also brought me lots of painting, cleaning and lifting of heavy things. Rude. Get outta my face!!

Dear Big Brown,
I love you... even when you're cold and loud. I love your old doorknobs and tall windows. I love your prime location and extra bedrooms. I love your Royal Tenenbaums dinning room and Life Aquatic Bathroom. Please be nice while we remove wallpaper.

Dear Laguna Vista Apartment 101,
You are gross and I never want to see you ever again. Boo. But thanks for the good memories.

Dear Christian radio station at work,
Ok, sometimes you're fun and nostalgic. I don't hate hearing an occasional audio adrenaline or toby mac tune. In fact, I usually like it. However, all the third day, mercy me, david crowder, natalie grant, etc. has to go. Ugly voice and shallow lyric Christian music should be banned.

Dear Mark Discoll,
See ya Saturday!

Dear new job opportunity,
PLEASE call me back. I need you. For real.

Dear coffee,
I don't need you. I promise...

Dear marriage,
Get here fast.

LOVE, Allison

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

List: 10 good things

1. Painting/fixing Big Brown with Ray... even though I don't really like painting because I'm not very good at it.

2. Working. This will probably change from hour to hour... but I like having money and I like not being bored to death. And I like getting paid to drive to Live Oak, the post office, the lawyers office, etc.

3. Wedding Planning. As much as it stresses me out, it's really exciting to receive wedding rings in the mail, make invitations, design a dress, etc.

4. Allijoy House of Fun. In November I moved into a house with my friend (and bridesmaid!) Joy, and a month later our friend Leanne moved in as well. While I will only get to live in the house for about 6 months, it's already been such a blessing. I feel so relaxed and at home.

5. Church on the Way. Right now my church is doing some really big and amazing things specifically to bring the gospel to our community. I'm not talking about handing out tracks or having a flashy youth program... I'm talking about loving people despite addiction, loss, suffering, poverty. Having real community. And coffee.

6. Ray made a really good meatloaf the other night and now I want more.

7. I bought more tights a few weeks ago because even though I live in Florida it's been freezing. Anyway, they are doing a good job keeping me so warm.

8. The Mynabirds. When I'm not being forced to listen to contemporary Christian music from 2001, I've been listening to those birds. I like them.

9. Coffee at home. I just recently learned how to use a coffee pot. I'm 25...

10. Updated phone. PTL.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Big Brown Progress

You know, just painting the house we bought last Thursday. Crazy huh? I never thought I would have such an amazing house. Or such an amazing husband-to-be that doesn't care that I'm really bad at painting and peeling wallpaper. We have the most beautiful pink kitchen! More pictures to come!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh, she crazy

Life update:

I started a new job on Wednesday morning.
Ray and I bought a new (used) car Wednesday evening.
We're closing on our house this Friday.
We're getting married in 3 months.

As you can imagine, I've been a little stressed out lately. I can get overwhelmed really easily and then I just kind of turn into a crazy person. Not like clinically crazy, more like ridiculous outburst crazy. Anyway, I'm trying really hard to just let things go and rest in the fact that God is in control. So, if you see me around please remind me not to be a crazy person. Also, please remind me that it gets really cold in my office and I should probably wear tights. Thanks.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Big Brown

In about a week Ray and I will be closing on a house. We like to call it Big Brown. It's our dream home, built in the 1930's with tall ceilings, old doorknobs and wood floors. It needs paint, some shine for the floors and pretty things for the walls... but other than cosmetics it's practically perfect. It's located downtown which is exactly where we want to be. We can walk to the library, the lake, our favorite thrift store and our church will soon be moving into a building just a block away. I'm so happy and excited about this house! Doesn't it look like a giant doll house?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

wedding wish list

So, as most of you know I will be getting married in April and we're currently having to deal with registering for gifts. I mean, how exciting is it that I'm getting married AND people want to give us gifts?! Amazing. Neither Ray nor I are really new stuff people... so as much as fancy cutlery and napkin holders are nice, it's not really what we want (or need).

So, I've decided to post a fun wish list on here!

1. strawberry bowls

2. Deer Lamp

3. Pink Pyrex

This will be an ongoing list. Get excited!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Resolutions!

Listen friends, I need you to hold me accountable for these things. I've thought long and hard about all of these resolutions...

1. Listen to the least amount of Taylor Swift as humanly possible.
2. Read every Harry Potter book out loud so Ray will have to read them by association. Hahaha.
3. Always have a spare nail polish in my purse. You know, for emergencies.
4. Eat absolutely no squash ever.
5. Punch people who talk about how much they hate Lake City.
6. Continue not being a vegan.
7. Wear more liquid eye liner.
8. Write more blogs about making cupcakes.
9. Listen to more Andrew W. K.
10. Get married.