Friday, December 5, 2008

laptop stroke and me as an alien

I have a sad broken laptop. I don't even know what happened. The people I work with think I'm a computer wiz because I know how to use excell... but in real life I don't know anything about computers. Last night the entire right side of my keyboard started freaking out. Maybe it had a stroke. Poor thing. Anyway, I happen to have a close friends who is a real computer wiz, so hopefully everything will be okay. And hopefully I wont need a new laptop for Christmas. Obviously I'm typing this on a different computer.

On to other not so good news. I need to find a new job. I currently work for the state of Florida, and if you haven't heard, we are running out of money. Thus they cannot pay me. Along with hundreds of others. So, I need a new job. Great. I've filled out a few applications so we'll see how it goes. Maybe this will be a good thing.

I might be going to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip at the end of next summer. I'm extremely excited! It will all depend on the dates of the trip and if they don't interfere with camp. I'm praying that it will work out.

So since I'm not able to use my laptop and am now using the family computer, I have rediscovered some wonderful things.

One being this picture of me as an alien:

a picture of Lauren's bedroom wall from high school:

Nick the cat (rest in peace):

and me being a bandit:

I hope you liked those. I also hope you liked that video I posted earlier. The end.

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ray said...

yeah so whatever happened with that laptop?