Friday, January 30, 2009

love will keep us together

I'm currently loving:
1. Tube socks! Thank you victoria's secret and american apparel.

2. These girls

3. recycled hagar bags
4. Clementines (the fruit, not my future pet)

5. Sweet Jams by fiction family, Chris Thile, vampire weekend, punch brothers, Elliot Smith, and Chuck Ragan.

Okay friends, that's about it. I hope you're doing well. I hope you're enjoying the weather. I hope you being blessed.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alright already

Today is Jackson Pollock's birthday!

So, I've been tagged in about 4 or 5 of these "25 random facts about you" posts on facebook. Thanks Adriene, Kyle, Payton, etc. I kind of hate facebook so I decided to do it on blogger... Ok, I might do one on there too. If you're reading this consider yourself tagged! Here goes...

  1. I have about 8 filled sketch books just from the last 2 years. They stay under my bed.
  2. I'm usually not a fan of leggings.
  3. I usually am a fan of cowboy boots.
  4. I LOVE Rambo movies... which is really strange for me.
  5. I only paint my nails red, black, or nude.
  6. I have good discernment when it comes to people and situations.
  7. I won first place for my second grade math fair project.
  8. I do not like cheesecake. I've tried it several times from several different places. It's just gross to me.
  9. I'm ALWAYS up for a good costume or theme party.
  10. I like living in the south.
  11. I have lots of wonderful friends that live far away from me. Prague, Nashville, Austin, Greenville, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, Jackson, Tallahassee...
  12. My celebrity boyfriend is Seth Rogan. Lucky him. I might dump him for Chris Thile though... because he plays the mandolin.
  13. My phone is always on silent or vibrate... so I end up missing a lot of calls.
  14. I hate the smell of deodorant.
  15. My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird. Typical, I know.
  16. I buy majority of my jewelry at antique malls.
  17. I only wear victoria's secret underwear. That may have been too much information for some of you. Sorry yo.
  18. I love seeing a guy with a flat top.
  19. When I was in 5th grade I wasn't allowed to watch mtv, but on the weekends I would wake up early and watch the real world.
  20. It annoys me when people say they hate lake city because we're all so small minded and judgemental. Sorry friend, you are wrong.
  21. My favorite thing to do in life is working at camp.
  22. I have a heart for the homeless, abused, neglected, etc.
  23. Romans 7:15 is very true for me a lot of the time.
  24. There are several people in my life that probably have no idea the impact they have made on me.
  25. It's possible that I love you.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Background knowledge - My mom is in fact related to hot mess Heather Locklear.

Today I was cleaning out the linen closet and came across a box of pictures from my grandparents house. There were a lot of the usuals... my mom as a child, my dad with a mustache, me and my sister in diapers. Oh, but what else did I come across? Wedding pictures of Heather Lockear and Tommy Lee. Yes, actual snapshots my great aunt took at the wedding. White tuxedos? Yes. Babies breath hair? Yes. Upside down roses? Yes. Best pictures ever.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

the clock never stops, never stops, never waits

So, I had a pretty good weekend. First, I got a much needed hair cut. I was just a few steps away from a clip and a center part. I was becoming a serious hot mess, which is a funny thought... but not a funny reality.

Saturday I was able to see Cliff and Sam (along with two of their friends, Ryan and Tim) play in Gainesville. It was a really nice change of scenery and people. Cliff basically has the voice of an angel. Slightly raspy, but with perfect tone. We hung out with lots of kids, made Payton jealous, drove around downtown, drank starbucks, and listened to bad top 40 music. It was good for my heart.

I'm trying to convinced my friend Joshy-Josh to have a real beard instead of a youth pastor goatee. It will be a great accomplishment. Be a man. Grow a beard.

Ridic alert!!! I had the weirdest dream Saturday night. I was packing for camp or to go on a trip or something and I was running late. I was super stressed out, which always seems to happen in my dreams. Apparently I lived in some sort of dorm or hotel. Daniel was helping me find my tennis shoes. Now, if you know me you know I'm not really a tennis shoe kind of girl. My friend Eric was also there cleaning my bathroom. Anyway, as I was walking to the tour bus (which was taking me to camp, I guess) and I saw Barak Obama. He complimented my hair color and told me he would buy some for Michelle. Not even kidding. Instead of going to camp, the tour bus took me, Daniel, Brie, and Eric to a Ryan Adams concert at Fuel in Jacksonville. Except it wasn't Ryan Adams it was Ben Folds. What the heck? Something is wrong with my brain.

So, maybe a few of you read this blog not so long ago. Well... today I went to the circus! My excitement might sound slightly ridiculous coming from a 23 year old, but I couldn't care less. I loved it. Here are some pictures I took today. The lights were weird and we were kind of high up... so don't judge me.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

a few things

-Tomorrow evening I will be hanging out with Cliff (we're models)

and Sam. (we're children)

-Sunday evening I will be attending the circus! I'm most excited about this.
-For some reason I haven't been able to sleep at all for the past 3 nights. unacceptable.
-I got a hair cut today and it was a good move on my part.
-My celebrity boyfriend is clearly Seth Rogan.

Friday, January 23, 2009

it's about time

Basically, I kind of hate a political blog. Politics can make seemingly normal people turn into crazed monsters. You know what I don't hate? A good dress. So, I would like to thank Michelle Obama for getting something right. Something the last, I don't know, 6 administrations weren't able to do. No more ugly skirt suits! No more manly blazers!

And if we're going to talk style and politics you know who I have to bring up...

Oh Jackie, you are one of my faves.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I can see a lot of life in you.

My wonderful friend Whitney is currently in the Ukraine and will soon be headed over to Prague. She will be there for the next 4 months ministering to children and college students. She's still not completely sure about what she'll be doing.

I'm really inspired by her. She's a brave one. She's thousands of miles from home, living with people she just met. She doesn't know the plan or what's up next. She's a 21 year old spending a semester loving God and loving people.

She's cute. I love her so very much. She's got a lot of life. So, if you pray remember Whitney. Pray that she'll be used while in Prague. Pray that she'll stay safe and healthy. Pray that she doesn't freeze to death because she's so used to Florida weather. Thanks friends.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Once upon a time...

I stole a blog from Daniel.

-Once upon a time it snowed here in Lake City, Florida.
-It was 1989.
-I was 4.
-My favorite color was pink.
-Which later changed to green.
-I played in the snow with my cat Carrot.
-I had a snowball fight with my parents.
-It melted the next day.
-I loved it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

hello good friend

Hey friends. I'm still on the hunt for a job, but I'm making progress. Hopefully something awesome will come up soon. In the meantime...
Here are some good things:
Christo and Jeanne-Claude. They're a couple that make big art. They like to drape islands and trees in fabric. They construct giant umbrellas in the hills of California. It's crazy. They think outside the box in a cool modern way. Nice hair huh?

The Little Prince by Antoine Saint-Exupéry. I read it a few years ago and I found it insightful and charming. I especially love the simple illustrations.

Emily Martin and her cute paintings. She has such a fun and unique style.

Fun huh? Also, I'm really needing a hair cut but I don't know what I want. Any ideas? Suggestions? Help a sister out. Okay, I think that's about it. Oh, and happy inauguration day.

Monday, January 19, 2009

politically concerned

The United States will soon have a new president. I think these pictures are appropriate.

This halloween picture of my sister is probably not so appropriate. Way to go.