Wednesday, December 24, 2008

krumpmas eve

-Those trolls are on my mantle.
-I wrapped so many gifts today (because i've been procrastinating all month).
-I watched Best Christmas Pageant Ever. It was the best ever.
-I took lots of meds because im still so sick. I'm probably high right now.
-I decorated cookies for Santa. They kind of taste gross.
-I made the macaroni and cheese for Christmas eve dinner. Delish.
-Now I'm watching It's a Wonderful Life... but I'd rather be watching Meet Me in St. Louis or Christmas Vacation.
-I saw a ufo last night. Ray and I decided it was probably Santa. And Santa is probably an alien. North Pole is probably code for Jupiter.
-My mom just gave me and my sister a Donny and Marie Osmond dvd. She thinks she's cute and funny.

Here is a fun picture from a party last night. We are children.

There should be more people in the picture... but we're the only cool ones that dressed up. Way to be lame. I wish I had a better picture of my vest but I don't. FAIL.

It's almost Krumpmas.


MeLissa said...

Erin placed her Christmas troll family in our kitchen window to spread the joy to those driving by. Way to get on the train!

I hope you are not dead so that I might get to see you before Saturday.

leslie said...

those trolls look a lot like a family i used to know...

merry krumpmas.

Allison Drew said...

I love the trolls! I used to have a riendeer too... but i can't find him.