Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'd like to thank the academy...

Thank you, Brie... for being my sister and for being the kind of sister every girl needs.
Thank you, MeLissa... for being amazing and funny and inspiring... and my bf (no, not boyfriend).
Thank you, Alee... for being my twin and my American Idol partner in crime.
Thank you, Pat... for being there when I need you most... and for cooking me delish food.
Thank you, Whitney... for being my best friend even though I never see you.
Thank you, Lauren and Ashley... for coming back into my life.
Thank you, Nathan... for being the most loving person I've ever met.
Thank you, Johnny... for prayer and ideas.
Thank you, Adriene... for being who I want to be.
Thank you, Eric... for that phone call and for being a gent.
Thank you, Ray... for helping me see who I am and who I'm not.
Thank you, Daniel... for listening and sharing and being around.

God is love.
Rev Run

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MeLissa said...

I love Love LOVE you. Thanks for always being my bf too. Im excited to tell you all about my recent adventures. I'll miss you til then.