Tuesday, November 25, 2008

hot mess

I had a discussion via text message today on the subject of hot mess. The Conclusion? B. Spears is the hottest mess because she doesn't wear shoes, tries to kill people with umbrellas, and lets infants drive. Amy Winehouse came in second place on account of gross hair, excessive drug use (rehab anyone?), and weird makeup. Third place goes to Lo Ho... for obvious reasons.

Honorable mentions: Courtney Love, Tara Reid (what happened to her?), that girl from engaged & underaged that married Byron Bougeois, Kathy Griffin (especially when she was trying to open a bibliotech and she had that sunburn) and of course Whitney Houston.

I just love a hot mess. Please tell me if you or anyone else deserves to be on this list. Thank you.

PS- Daniel Webb is a bowling diva.

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MeLissa said...

Hot Messes you may have forgotten:

-Janice Dickinson & her modeling agency
-Kimberly Stewart (as in Rod's daughter)
-Pretty much every male designer from Project Runway.

I know these are not on the forefront of everyone's mind, so I took it upon myself to bring them back. See you on Friday.