Sunday, February 8, 2009

you are significant

I started watching Joan of Arcadia when it first aired and I immediately liked it. I know the theology is all wrong and I'm not saying it should be looked at as some sort of religious resource or anything. I like how the show brings up questions. Hard questions. Questions we may or may not have answers for. To me, the show seems really honest about faith and compassion and love.

I like how we see that one action, choice or acceptance has a significant impact on multiple lives including the person who makes the choice. In the show God usually asks Joan to do things she doesn't understand. Talk to people, go places, learn piano, build boats, etc. I wonder how often God asks us to do things that we'll never see the effects from? How often are we doing things not for ourselves, but for others? I don't really know. And I guess we never will. But it does make me want to listen better and act more. Because maybe something seemingly insignificant to me can make a great impact on someone else.

May God's love be with you.

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ana b. said...

That's a really sweet post! I guess it's a matter of giving and not expecting anything back too. The experience is enough.

MeLissa said...

I do like that Joan of Arcadia.

What's even funnier to me is that even after years and years of "listening to God", it can be simple thoughts like this that we understand in news ways that really rock our worlds. Like, today the Beatitudes kicked my butt. I mean, destroyed me, in a good way.

I like it.

thatgirl said...

So, first off...I heart Joan of Arcadia... and second That is my favorite song, Joseph Arthur "In the Sun" has my heart for the first 50 times I heard the song I cried, no lie.