Monday, February 9, 2009

It's not a cab, my friend, I promise you.

This weekend included:

  • movies

  • extra sleep

  • Gainesville with Daniel

  • lunch with Jordan Ladyhair

  • camera shop and an extreme beard

  • quality time with middle school crush

  • fiesta

  • the office

  • Nick and Norah's infinite playlist

  • churchy-church

  • lunch with friends (no thank you chicken wings)

  • valentines craft time

  • nap

  • vanilla milk shakes with friends

  • monster quest

Also, Toby Mac won a grammy last night. The mac is back no slack!


Dan said...

Now calling Jordan, "Ladyhair", is just not very nice. He can't help it.

Allison Drew said...

Whatev. You know I love Jordan. And his lady hair.

ana b. said...

That picture is mad! Look at her with that gun! Sounds like you packed a whole lotta things in your weekend.

KayEllen said...

I love Toby Mac!!! He comes to California and performs at our out church... Harvest Crusades in the summer at the Angel Stadium...amazing live!!!
I was so excited he won!!!

Cute blog entry ;-)

Happy Valentines Day!


Anonymous said...

I need you to know that I saw Toby Mac in concert on Friday... it was family fun.