Monday, February 16, 2009

we're all gonna get in a fight!

A few people I wouldn't mind getting in a fight with:

1. Barbra Walters - because if she's going to interview people she needs to learn how to speak correctly.

2. that gross-o I used to work with at the D.O.T. - for trying to talk to me alone and for being a 100% creep.

3. Rosie O'Donnell - for hating me because I'm straight.

4. Kelly Rippa - for being 100% annoying.

5. Heather Mills - for screwing over a beatle.

6. Mrs. Cox, my high school algebra teacher - because she's the worst teacher ever. And because she wears those teacher vests.

7. Marie Osmond - for being in love with her brother.

8. Billy Ray Cyrus - for being in love with his daughter.

9. the deputy in charge of the P.A.L. gym in Clay county- for promising kids a BBQ and ice cream party and then never showing up. 6th grade principal- for hating me because I'm white and for lunch time lectures. I'm not saying his name because he will probably sue me for slander.

I'm not angry or anything. I've never been in a physical fight, and I probably never will. Haha, We'll see though. One time someone called me a "tough little thing".

Who would you like to fight? Or better yet, who would you like me to fight?

Also, please notice that the picture is from StalloneZone. Literal lol.


leslie said...

amen to kelly ripa, marie osmond, and billy ray...

i'll go ahead and add:
-miley cyrus
-taylor swift
-rachael ray

[i don't care who fights the above, as long as they get blasted...]

Allison Drew said...

Taylor Swift. How could I forget her?

Dan said...

-Billy Mays
-Douche-bag ShamWOW guy
-Scott Stapp
-That lady that does stuff with Joey Fatone one the TV guide channel. I'd punch her in the mouth to deflate those horrendous lips.
-Danny Green

Allison Drew said...

That's Lisa Renna! Yeah, she was originally on my list.

ana b. said...

The girl at work who saw me coming towards the tea table and quickly grabbed the LAST strawberry slice on the plate. Leaving only FRUIT CAKE. FRUIT CAKE. YUck. She sucks.

Allison Drew said...

Fruit cake?! Seriously? What a jerk.

Siska said...

yes fighting is good :D