Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm a visual person

Happy Groundhog Day! How would you feel about living this day over and over? Ehh... I'm not sure about that. You know what I am sure about? Bill Murray.

I like pretty things.

seen here


leslie said...

the picture of the boys dressed as indians reminds me of that movie with Tim Allen and JTT...i think it might have been called "Man of the House?"

word verification: chebrest--like, "chebrest be gettin' ready! we have to leave in five minutes!"

MeLissa said...

Yes, it was Man of the House and I am about that picture as well. Its pretty great.

Word verification: graturd-- a turd grater, as seen on tv

Dan said...

It wasn't Tim Allen. It was Chevy Chase. And "Return to Innocence" by Enigma played at the end of the movie... excellent.

Allison Drew said...

Yes. Man of the house. Daniel- Remember when we watched it together? Except we were both at our own houses.

Tim Allen was in Jungle to Jungle.

Julianna said...

ana b. said...

What an eclectic collection of photos!