Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i'm probably not that into you either

Just so you know, I will never want red roses, chocolate heart candy, grocery store balloons, or a teddy bear for valentines day. I'm just not that girl. I'm not a square. I like roses... just not red ones. I will always take fruity candy over chocolate. However, I do like dark chocolate and I do enjoy a good reeses. I've always thought balloons were a weird gift. Aren't they more like party decorations? If someone got a hot air balloon for me I'd be okay with it. And the teddy bear... Well, I'm just not a big stuffed animal kind of girl. Payton gave me a stuffed elephant not so long ago, but before that I haven't had one in a good 10 years.

For about 4 years I gave out Clarissa Explains It All valentines cards. They were a big hit. I also gave out berenstain bears, strawberry shortcake, and winter x-games cards. I really wish I still had some.

So speaking of valentines day, I have a funny/dumb story for you. Last year during this time, I had just started dating this guy. We'll call him Ray. So Ray cooked a really nice dinner for me and we had just started watching The Princess Bride (one of my faves). After only about 10 or 20 minutes into the movie we hear a knock at the door... It's our crazy sorta-friend. We'll call him Tyler. Now, at this point he was a married guy... shouldn't he have been with his wife? Shouldn't he have been out buying red roses and a teddy bear? Or at least a card? No, he felt like he needed to be with us. Anyway, he comes in, pees with the door open, tries to talk politics, and drinks the two beers he had in his pockets. He mentions something about his wife cooking dinner for them. I was trying to give him the evil eye the whole time... he just wasn't getting it. Finally, after about an hour, he leaves. Ray and I still don't think he knew what day it was.
Lessons from this story:
1. No one likes you if you pee with the door open.
2. Interrupting someones valentines day = sorta-friend status
3. evil eye = GET OUT

I like to tell people that Tyler ruined my valentines day... he really didn't. It's just a funny/awkward story to tell.

I secretly love when people say "valentimes" instead of "valentines".


MeLissa said...

I wish I had heard that story about "Tyler" when it happened. It is a GEM. Especially the part about peeing with the door open and having two beers in his pocket.

I'm with you on the candy, car, stuffed animal mess. However, I would surely accept a stuffed elephant. Or Narwhal for that matter.

Dan said...

you know i love to say valentimes day.

east side bride said...

Valentimes. Hilar.

Trish is a Dish said...

Everything about this blog made me smile. I'll take the chocolate... however heart shaped box isnt necessary. No stuffed animals... at all. Flowers... non of those either. And that valentines story is too funny... but I wouldve been annoyed.
And Clarissa valentines would be like the best ever!