Sunday, February 15, 2009

hey fruitcake

I'm officially allergic to apples and white peaches. This is pretty much the worst news ever. Actually, I think it might be the pesticides rather than the actual fruit. I might need to consult a doctor for the official diagnosis. Either way, I'm pretty mad about it. Because I can't eat apples, I'm now less American. Because I can't eat peaches, I'm now less southern. I'm basically devastated about that.

In other news, today I really miss my camp friends. I'm not obsessed with camp, but I do love so many of the people I've worked with. This weekend I ended up talking to about 6 of them. It was good for my heart. PICTURES... because I like to look at them.

More reunions are in the future. Next week I will start finding out who I will be working with this coming summer. I'm excited.

Be Good.


ana b. said...

These look like such fun times! You always have a big smile on your face. It's fantastic.

Shame about the apples and white peaches thing. I break out in a rash when I drink red wine. Which makes me less awesome. Tehehe.

Dan said...

oh no.