Thursday, February 5, 2009

knit me a sweater

Somebody please knit me a sweater. Basically I'm freezing. I live in Florida. FLORIDA! Why is it 21 degrees outside?! I don't even own warm clothes. I have one sweater and some people have said it looks like a bowl of cereal. My scarves are for fashion, not warmth. I don't even own a pair of gloves.

I'm ready for summer. I need warm weather. I need shorts. I need to not have to wear socks.

So, I went to the skating rink the other day. Yes, it's true. I went with some girlfriends... and we probably wont be going again anytime soon.
1. I can't skate very well.
2. I always feel like I'm going to trip over a small child.
3. Creeps hang out at the skating rink. It's a proven fact.
4. My friend Kristi and I pretty much just watched the entire time. A couple of my friends tried to impress people by skating backwards. Way to go.

Want to know the most awkward part? All the 35 year old single dads!

Dear 35 year old dad,
I'm not impressed by your speed skating. Please take off your gold chain and stop using so much gel. And stop hitting on 10th graders.


MeLissa said...

How funny that 35 year old dads would lurk at the ice skating rink... why would that even be an attraction to them? It's cold. People are not looking graceful.

35 year old dads need to get their game plan together.

leslie said...

so let me get this DON'T like the 35 year old single dads?


ana b. said...

Hmmm I'm not comfortable on ice skates, rollerblades, rollerskates etc etc. Anything other than my own two feet.

Dan said...

that girl in that picture looks like a shameless hussy.

my feet are about to fall off.