Monday, October 20, 2008

Today is the day

-woke up at 9:30
-showered/got ready/wasted time/read blogs/watched the food network
-didn't eat breakfast (but should have)
-went to churchy-church
-read some Acts
-talked to some people about Africa and mission trips and passports.
-went to the mall so Daniel could show me and Brie the new old lady store...
-had lunch with Brie, Daniel, Kyle, Joey, Maria and Laura Katherine.
-didn't really enjoy the food but did enjoy the company.
-worked on some projects/read/watched dumb tv.
-downloaded a Hanson song...
-talked to some of those good campy-camp friends.
-made dinner.
-worked on a super secret project.
-watched one of my all time favorite movies with Brie...

It was kind of a boring day...

1 comment:

MeLissa said...

I cant wait to tell you about my day! I will call you asap.