Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I love fall. It is my most favorite time of the year. Fall means birthdays, night walks, apple cider, cool days and halloween! There is nothing I love more than a halloween/costume party. My friends Kat/Pat (sometimes I count them as one person) will be having the party this year. I will be dresses as an 8 year old dressed as an indian. Yes, with the paper bag vest and all. This is my inspiration:

Pretty great huh? Thank you Erin. Now, I love my friend Pat, but she has pretty boring taste in halloween costumes. She wants to be either a flapper or a 50s girl. LAME. Not to mention 2 girls came as flappers last year. She wants to be comfortable (it's one night!), refuses to paint her face (but wont say why), and probably wants to dress like a hoe (but not really... she's not a hoe). I told her to be a gnome or a dinosaur. We'll see how that works out. What do you think she should be?


MeLissa said...

I just showed Allison this blog post. She laughed so hard! Good inspiration. When you said paper vest to me earlier, I instantly thought of this classic picture. Excellent choice. We are thinking of costumes for Coldplay...

Patricia and I were trying to brainstorm this afternoon. I told her she should go with the gnome idea. That one was muy excellente!

Allison Drew said...

I think you meant you showed this blog to Erin... I am Allison. Haha. Ah! I really hope Pet goes as a gnome! That could be her best costume yet.