Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh glory

I get pretty sad when I hear most (not all) modern christian music. Most of the time it just seems shallow and lacking substace... which is frustrating when you think of what it could be.

Here's a quote from Fernando Ortega. It's pretty good stuff. This is his answer to the question "what do you think about the commercialization of Christian music?"

“Well, I think that most of today’s Christian music is based on a thin premise. When you take a pop song and weigh it down with the gospel it sort of cheapens both. The theology is too heavy for the song, and the song usually ends up being too light for the theology. Often I feel like you end up with some sort of fuzzy Christian propaganda that doesn’t do music or the gospel any justice. That’s why I like hymns so much. The early fathers wrote many of the texts to hymns that we sing today. I like that they attach us to our Christian history and remind us of what in our faith is worth preserving. Hymns were written by theologians, not pop stars, and that is why when they are sung, we so tangibly feel the weight of glory.”

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