Sunday, October 12, 2008

This door is always open.

-I feel kind of sick right now. Like sick to my stomach... which is never fun.
-I went to Gainesville this afternoon and actually got a lot of birthday shopping done. Yay!
-Speaking of birthdays... mine is coming up soon! I'm getting old and my friends are getting married and having babies. Sometimes it makes me sad and sometimes it makes me want to get married and have babies.
-I'm on the hunt for my perfect red lipstick.
-I hung out with Lauren and Ashley last night. They are so much fun and I wish we were able to hang out at least once a week.
-Lara bars are my new obsession.
-I would like to find a musical soul mate.
-The end.

For the 4 of you that read this... I promise I will post a better blog tomorrow.

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MeLissa said...

Dear Allison-

I am glad you are keeping up with your blog-a-day promise. I have been a failure but I'm going to make up for it this weekend. Just you wait.

You know what would be a great birthday present? A day at the Tennessee Aquarium. Dinner at a fancy restaurant. Nick and Norah's Ultimate Playlist. Any or all of these things, especially Nick and Norah.