Thursday, October 23, 2008


In one week I will be 23. 23!! Wow, I feel so old... but that's okay because I LOVE birthdays. And not just my own. I love all birthdays. Here are some things you can get me for my birthday:
-a gocco (actually, I think my parents may be getting me this for Christmas)
-a chi (I would like silky smooth hair)
-art (anything you make or you like or you think I would like)
-vintage/fun/crazy jewelry
-anything green or woodgrain
-sweet jams (Ryan Adams, Laura Marling, The Submarines, Chuck Ragan, ect)
-a sweet, old, big, dog named Dolly Honeysuckle
-good reads
-a visit with my friends that live far away (MeLissa, Alee, Audra, Nathan, Whitney, ect.)

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