Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh, it is love.

One of my best friends MeLissa said in a recent blog "You should take a break from reading this and make a list real quick. What should you write on this list? Write down things that you love because you genuinely love them. Not because they remind you of someone. Not because they are associated with a happy memory dependent someone else... These are good things to write down so when you lose yourself and you don't remember what it means to be happy, there are things that are constant and good. It's alright if its short because it will grow as you remember."

Things I love because I love them:
apple butter, late night walks, green, fuge, watching Little Women, reading To Kill a Mockingbird, art, Jackson, Mississippi, pictures from 10th grade, costume parties, red toe nails, banjos, Murray Hill Theatre, sweet tea, seeing my fuge kids finally get what I've been teaching them all week, silly vintage jewelry, the Duggar family, small black children, making birthday cards, remembering how cornerstone is great, banyan trees...

I will be adding to this list.


MeLissa said...

-the Macy's Day Parade
-aisles full of Halloween items
-St.Augustine Beach
-making candied apples
-true sweater weather
-waking up to rain

I think my list will grow too.

Anonymous said...

you are wonderful.