Thursday, October 23, 2008

me... and the things I like.

-I like trees.
-I read a lot of junior fiction...

-I like boys in bandanas. Always. Call me.

-I'm trying to be healthier. And draw more in my art journal. I didn't draw this... and I don't drink beer.

-I love buttons.

-I once slept in a tee pee. I might do it again.
-I always really liked the first day of school. Maybe it was the new school supplies. Maybe it was seeing all of my friends again. I don't really know.

-I love this dress. It reminds me of Betsy Johnson... only a little less cray cray.

-This is my current favorite tattoo. It's a line from Slaughter House Five.
"Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt"
-This is my second favorite tattoo. Connect the dots!

Well, That's me.

1 comment:

MeLissa said...

That connect-the-dot tattoo... out of control.

Things that I like that you do:

-send funny text messages about interesting people sightings

-paint pictures

-put up pictures from 10th grade (and earlier)

-have a sister named Brie

-have orange outlines around your pictures

-challenge me to write blogs more often

-Speak with Kyle and I like a black woman.