Thursday, March 19, 2009

somewhere someone dropped the ball

I was a youth group kid. I went to church, sunday school, youth group, youth choir, camp, winter retreats, etc. I listened to relient k and jars of clay. I wore Christian t-shirts and I didn't drink. I loved my youth group with my whole heart. I cared about them and I prayed for them.

It breaks my heart to see the drug abuse, alcoholism, promiscuity, self hatred, low self esteem, self mutilation, depression, lies, manipulation, and apathy that seems to have taken over my beloved high school youth group. What about the happy kids who loved Jesus? Where did they go?

What happened? Who dropped the ball? Parents? Youth pastors? Me? Why are we letting kids slip through the cracks? And not only that, how can we make sure this doesn't happen again? How do we stop other kids from being broken and hurt?

This is very distressing to me.


Dan said...

as usual, you can't see alvin.

MeLissa said...

I don't know that it's a matter of someone dropping the ball. You are right. The folks in the picture have been through the ringer, but that is the case with anyone anywhere. I think we got to look at where things went right. The truth is things could've been a lot worse in some instances except for the fact that we had a good youth group and a few good youth leaders.

I know its sad. I know there are a lot of people (and a lot of things that happened) that make a person think "I'd NEVER guess that THEY were in a youth group". But that's the sad part about the world. But there were a lot of kids who had the opportunity to meet the Lord in a way they never would've otherwise. But the choice is still ours. But I understand.

Allison Drew said...

This isn't a therapy moment. This is a moment when we decide to do everything in our power to prevent it from happeneing again.

Adriene said...

They have the foundation they will need to one day make the right choices and get back to the life they are meant to be living. They know the Lord, they are just choosing to turn away.

WHY are they making that choice....WHY arent you??

is it...weakness? selfishness? self-loathing?..........or is the Lord somehow preparing them for something in their future?

Your question runs through my mind and heart even more now that I am a parent. I do think the answer lies more in the reasons why you and others choose to live in the Lord rather than hide.
I want a for sure answer too!

Yesica Cafe said...

The good ol' days... I miss that. A lot...