Thursday, March 26, 2009


Real conversation at the dentist office today:

random girl: "Hey girl, you look cool."
Me: "Aw, thanks."
random girl: "Yeah, like you're real messy and you don't even care!"
Me: "um... thanks?"

Seriously? Am I really that much of a hot mess? I mean, yes, I was wearing a tshirt. Yes, my hair might have been a little crazy. But I don't think I'm just a generally messy person. Am I?


ana b. said...

Well Erin Wasson did say she loved homeless people's style. So being messy is very trendy nowadays. Maybe more of a compliment than you'd originally thought ;) Tehehe. Some people should just not even try to talk.

MeLissa said...

This dentist office conversation is yet another gleaming example of something that SHOULD make you feel good, but doesn't. At all.

Adriene said...

this girl has mastered the back-handed compliment, but i doubt anything else.