Tuesday, March 24, 2009

march list madness

  • I liked pretending to be a vampire this weekend. I even made blood brownies. Very spooky.

  • Spring is here and my allergies are still going crazy. I sneeze about a million times a day. Good thing my sister sells drugs for a living and brought me some cetrizine hydrochloride... which is supposed to help. But it might kill me. We'll see.

  • Camp is so soon! Only about a month and a half away. I'm so very happy about this. I love working with youth. I should start packing...

  • Tonight I had a really good conversation about really crappy things. It mostly had to do with people, friends, community, and getting hurt. In the church world, we are always talking about community... but I don't think community can actually happen until people love each other. And I don't think people can love each other until they can trust each other. I know I'm part of the problem... and I hate that.

  • I'm becoming the most crafty person in the world. Not really, but I did paint today and some this weekend. Need some art? I'll do it... and then you can pay me $1,000. It's a deal.

  • The Big Love season finale was pretty great. Margene is always keeping the family together... and Nikki is aways ruining everything.

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CanDaNcE with you around the world!! said...

You know what i love about you! Your very random...its great! And um..i'll take you up on that deal about the art thing... I need some craft things to go in my house! :) But i'll love you all day long for a free painting!! haha!