Sunday, January 18, 2009

weekend update

I just watched the season 3 premiere of Big Love... and it was wonderful! I'm completely addicted. What's going on with Sara and the ex-mormon boyfriend? Did Adaleen hire someone to kill Alby? Does Barb have cancer again? Is Nikki really going to stop having high hair? Ahhh! If you've never seen the show I highly suggest you start watching. HBO certainly knows what they're doing. Here's a recap in case you've missed anything in the past 2 seasons.

My dad recently gave me his cannon camera he bought in 1969 in Okinawa, Japan! He bought it while he was in the army so he could send home pictures to my grandparents. It's gonna need to be cleaned and probably repaired... but I'm so excited!

Here are some pictures taken with the camera of my dad in Japan.

Fun huh? Speaking of fun (or not fun), I tried to play a video game yesterday. I was with a bunch of people playing mario kart so I decided to try it. Well, it was semi fun but I was kind of horrible because I didn't know how to use the controller. Look, I'm just not a gamer. When I was a kid I played number munchers and Oregon trail. In my high school journalism class I played snood. That's it. I fail.

Alright kids, I hope you had a good weekend. I hope you did something awesome. I hope you didn't play video games the whole time. I hope you saw people you love.

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ana b. said...

Alas I did spend too much time indoors watching people playing video games (rather than playing them). Have fun with the film camera! What a sweet hand-me-down from your dad.