Wednesday, January 7, 2009

wait, so you can drive a bus?

Today I...
*woke up
*watched 10 minutes of the secret life of the real world (more about that later)
*went to lunch with two wonderful old friends
*learned that my friend Whitney has her cdl... I then tried to convince her to become a truck driver
*learned some really great new pranks
*wore my patent leather red flats
*went to work
*filled out my last time sheet for the dot ever!
*got hit on by a 40 year old co-worker. GROSS!
*learned everything there is to know about the east bound bypass to 295 in Jacksonville... how exciting...
*while at work, talked to someone from Scranton on the phone. Dunder Mifflin this is Allison...
*read 30 pages of Life of Pi
*went to dinner with some friends to celebrate a birthday
*researched Prague
*researched skype
*researched short-term foreign missions
*tried to learn how to use my new gocco
*worked on some new hymn art

That was my day. I hope yours was wonderful!


ana b. said...

O I never managed to get through the whole of Life of Pi! Tell me if it's worth it. This is a truly eventful day!

MeLissa said...


That sounds like a wonderful day except for the co-worker part. That actually sounds horrible.

And you got a gocco printer? You forgot to mention that! So exciting!