Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Background knowledge - My mom is in fact related to hot mess Heather Locklear.

Today I was cleaning out the linen closet and came across a box of pictures from my grandparents house. There were a lot of the usuals... my mom as a child, my dad with a mustache, me and my sister in diapers. Oh, but what else did I come across? Wedding pictures of Heather Lockear and Tommy Lee. Yes, actual snapshots my great aunt took at the wedding. White tuxedos? Yes. Babies breath hair? Yes. Upside down roses? Yes. Best pictures ever.


Trish is a Dish said...

All I can say is bizarre!
My gramma is a cousin to Loretta Lynn however we dont have awesome 80s pictures to document it.

Dan said...

i really do not know what to say about this... really. i don't.

leslie said...

this is too good to be true.


Allison Drew said...

Loretta Lynn is way cooler than heather locklear.

ana b. said...

Oh my gosh I don't know why this is so funny! Imagine!