Sunday, January 4, 2009


Ana of on dressing up tagged me!
She's great.

1. I would like to own a pet basset hound and name her Dolly Clementine.

2. I'm not a gamer. I NEVER ever play video games and I'm really okay with it.

3. My first kiss happened after a costume party. I was dressed as little red riding hood and the guy was dressed as Jesus. How awkward.

4. I've seen ever episode of boy meets world. Ever.

5. I'm in search of the perfect pair of vintage cowby boots.

6. I have a crush on Robert Pattinson... just like all those 15 year olds. Sad day. I'm definitely okay with him being slightly dirty.


ana b. said...

Oh! I used to watch Boy Meets World. My friend had the biggest crush on Rider Strong. I wonder what happened to him. My not-so-secret secret -- I'm 24 and I have a huge crush on Robert Pattison too. I mean, look at him! How could you not?! The messiness just makes it more appealing ;)

Dan said...

i just saw that you tagged me... my b dawg.