Sunday, January 4, 2009

more good things

1. Ryan Heshka
His art is so bright and inspirational.

2. Pin-up girls
They're so fun and flirty.
And, I mean, I like to feature them in my blogs.

3. True blood
Vampires in the bayou? What could be better?!
I'm usually not an Anna Paquin fan... but she's good in this.
The intro is so amazing.

4. Ana B. and her blog on dressing up.
She's so cute and has excellent style.

5. working on my hymn art
I started this a while ago... and now I'm continuing.
I'm really loving it.
Here are some of my favorites I've done.
Please excuse the blurry photography.

Yep, those are some good things you can explore. Please enjoy.
A few other things...

  1. Today I got to visit my fake grandparents. I love them.
  2. My sister and I are planning a road trip after her high school graduation in May. A few of our stops include Picayune, MS, New Orleans, LA, Dallas, TX, Flagstaff, AZ, THE GRAND CANYON!, Kansas City, Kansas, the Duggar home, Arkansas, and Nashville, TN. Good News.
  3. I need to stop staying up so late talking to boys that live 3 states away. I mean, they're in a different time zone... It's not so late for them.

Night. I love you. See you tomorrow.


ana b. said...

Oh, Allison, you're so sweet I could die! Thank you so much. I can't believe I'm included in a list with True Blood and pin-up girls! I love your hymn art idea. My absolute favourite is the one with the birds on the branch! So beautiful. Anyway, I really have to watch True Blood. I've been hearing great things about it but I've been a bit pre-occupied with Twilight! xx

MeLissa said...

I love your hymn art!

And I'll see you soon...
Tell those boys that if they like it then they better put a ring on it.

ana b. said...

Me again! I've tagged you with the 6 random things about you tag. Details on my site. xx