Monday, January 12, 2009

the weekend is over

I had a good weekend.
-sleeping late on friday
-dinner with the Ritis at moes
-chat at Pat's
-phone call from Payton
-love via phone
-party with the Darbys (hehh!)
-old memories
-bad music (like Seal)
-lots of beer I didn't even drink (ew)
-middle school crush
-phone call from Nathan and Alee
-lots of sleep
-photo adventure with Danielwebb (pictures coming soon?)
-photo contest
-Ryan Adams
-Big Love marathon with Brie
-lunch at Ken's on a Sunday
-arts & crafts
-redecorating ideas
-planet earth


ana b. said...

engagement?! hope it's not yours yet hun ;)

Allison Drew said...

Ha! Definitely not mine.

Dan said...

i'm lazy.