Saturday, May 8, 2010

know nothing stays the same

My first experience with copeland was when I was 17 at a music festival. They played California just as the sun was setting. Magic ensued. There was just something about them. Maybe it was the romantic, yet not overtly mushy lyrics. Maybe it was because no other bands were making music like that at the time. Maybe it was the simplicity of Beneath the Medicine Tree. Maybe it was the sunset.

I believe music and memory are very closely related, especially in my brain. When listening to copeland I remember sing-a-longs, concerts, sunsets, MeLissa, Lauren, Luc, road trips, Orlando, youth, bonding, Cliff, late nights, cute boys, being young and romantic, hope. There is a memory tied to every lyric, song and chord.

Earlier this year they announced their final tour. At first I was incredibly sad, which was weird because I didn't even own their newest album. At that point I hadn't listened to them regularly in years. However, hearing the announcement made me come to the realization that a part of my life was over. I was no longer a young careless teenager. Copeland was such a staple during my late teens. While they are no longer part of my everyday life, I find great comfort in their memory.

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MeLissa said...

I went to one of those farewell shows and I still remember Rachel Crocker telling us about this band she loved called Copeland, and the sun going down, and this couple standing in front of us singing the words to every song. I'm glad we got to be young with Copeland.