Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Adventures with Jenna

Remember this post? Well, it came true last week. Jenna came to visit me! I had not seen her since July and our departure was pretty dramatic and emotional. I mean, we pretty much broke down in the middle of a chick fil-a. No joke. Anyway, we had a pretty wonderful time last week.

We went to Disney's Hollywood Studios / MGM which was great except the rockin rollercoaster was closed. So RUDE.

Then we pretended to be in NYC.

We rode the lamest ride and sat next to the lamest ladies.

We saw an awkward man boob. Moob, if you will.

We missed Sarah and Andrea and everyone else from MC 09' fuge.

We took a silhouette picture with Mr. Potato Head. This was during a 2 hour wait in line for the toy story ride... which ended up being really fun.

We looked at weird Disney things.

I met the Biebz. PS- Can someone PLEASE explaine to me why a signed picture of this kid is worth $400?! Seriously.

We skipped the fireworks.

More to come.


cottage girl said...

so jealous. i love disney. glad you had fun!

KimmyD said...

I am so jealous that you go to go to Disney with my sweet friend. We sent her off to the hills of Kentucky this morning, I made her a mix CD (I included a Dolly song so she could think of both of us ;)

Allison Drew said...

I love our mutual appreciation for Dolly.

Also, I think Kentucky will love Jenna. Don't you?