Thursday, May 27, 2010

Adventures with Jenna again

Day 2 with Jenna was just as great as day 1. We slept in a little, got lunch, got experimental starbucks drinks and headed out to the thrift stores. Here is some documentation of the day:

I got a new dress. JK.

We tried on hats.

Jenna got grossed out by a pig.

We saw the scariest baby.

We thought about calling this lady but then remembered neither of us have a dog.

Awesome huh? We also got amazing turquoise rings that we forgot to document. It was such a great visit. I love her so very much. Today I read this blog of hers and definitely cried.


MeLissa said...


I don't know if I'm more scared of that doll or those fancy dog clothes...

JennaPeyton said...

the fancy dog clothes are more scary for sure.

Brie said...

That picture of Jenna and the pig is the best picture I've seen in a while.