Friday, January 22, 2010

send me a king cake

I want to live in Louisiana (but NOT Denham Springs because the kids there are of the Devil). I've mentioned this before, but sometimes I think it might be the state for me... at least for a while. I'm a big fan of the crazy deep south. You just can't find culture like that anywhere else. Or kings cakes. Man, I love a king cake.


Lindsay said...

Louisiana is the place to be!! Crawfish, King cake, jambalaya, Zapps chips and gumbo..MMMMMMMM

JennaPeyton said...

Denham Springs...ughejkkkkk.

Please let's move to the NOLA and have towel time with our Andrea every day!

MeLissa said...

One time Alee Franklin (who is NOW Alee Willis, I remember suddenly) shared her King cake with me and I almost ate the whole thing when she wasn't looking.

heather said...

it's funny you say anywhere but denham springs.. i hate that place too.. but it's because my ex lives there, haha. and yesssss.. king cake! mmm. and yeah, totally random.. found ya on elsie's blog. ;]

andrea said...

Please move to the Yune (and then Cali in a few months) to have towel time with me forever, Baby Ginger and Miss Alice!

Denham Springs can go die.