Saturday, January 2, 2010

love list

Happy new year blah blah blah. Let's start off on a positive note.

Things I really like (and maybe love) right now:
vintage prom dresses, banyan trees, donald miller (even though he can be kind of self-deprecating), lists, Chuck Ragan and his new cd Gold Country, white tic tacs, true blood season 1 (second time around), the kinks, james mcavoy, blogs, iced nonfat white chocolate mocha with hazelnut and no whip, Chris Merritt's new cd Virginia is for Hoverers, jenna, andrea, sarah, buffalo springfield, home decor, smokey mountains, old photographs of everyday life, macedonia, traveling, dancing, lady gaga, elephants, painting, big hair, pin up girls, handmade mountain soap, whitney beach, coldish weather.

Whew. I make lists like this because I have a tendency to be pessimistic and only talk about things I hate. This keeps me on track. I would really like to hear what you are loving at the moment. These are my favorite kind of lists.


MeLissa said...

Things I love at the moment:
repurposing furniture, the color purple (NOT the movie), painting pottery, The Civil Wars, cheddar cheese & goat cheese, tights, and Zumba. Boom.

charismagic said...

Things I love right now.... boyfriend cardigans, pom poms, red toenails, cups of tea, skinny jeans, sunny days, bootee slippers, polka dots & Milk Tray :)

Ashley said...

we are not on the listy. sad day.

Love: vintage furniture for my vintage house, my old house, akita bear, and more. :D