Monday, January 11, 2010

music monday

Something old:
Doobie Brothers - Black Water
This is one of my favorite songs so you better watch the video... because you know I'd like to hear some funky dixieland.

Something new(ish):
Jack White and Alicia Keys - Another way to die
If you're my facebook friend or follow me on twitter then you're fully aware of my love for Jack White. He's definitely celebrity boyfriend worthy. However, I'm going to be honest, this is a pretty dumb video. You don't have to watch it.

My taste in music has changed drastically over the years. I mean, I once thought that matchbox 20 was the best band ever created. Granted, I was probably 12 years old. Is that even a valid excuse though? Probably not. Thankfully, I never got into nickelback. All that being said, I still think I have exceptional taste in music.


leslie said...

let's be serious...everyone knows that nickelback is the best...ha.

Rachel said...

Also, I like "Another Way to Die." A lot.

I can't listen to either because my roommate is asleep, but it's happening tomorrow!

Michael said...

So you don't know me, but Im good friends with Cliff and I checked out your blog from his page. I like it, its cool.