Thursday, January 14, 2010

hey girl, cute face. just kidding.

You know what I'm really not good at? Plucking my eyebrows. I hate it. It hurts me so much. You're probably thinking "Allison, You're a crazy person. Is it really that bad?" Yes, it really is. I've even tried putting numbing cream on my eyebrows before hand. No luck.

The obvious solution is to just have them waxed. Waxing isn't so bad. I'd much rather have one giant pain than 100 tiny pains. I should just get my eyebrows waxed when I get my hair cut. Sadly, my hair guy doesn't do eyebrows. He's too manly and straight for that. Yes, I have a manly straight hair guy. Weird, huh? Anyway, I would have to let one of the girls at his salon do them for me. Problem: They all wear excessive eye makeup, have large chunky highlights, and wear sequins to work. Clearly I can't trust any of them to tame my brows.

So, If you see me looking like this:

Instead of this:

you'll know why.
Soon, These will be my only friends.


Emilie Lynne said...

I don't mind plucking my eyebrows, but what I hate!! is getting my lip waxed! But I must do it, or else someone may mistake me for a man! :O

Rachel said...

Allison. There is a place in the Oaks Mall that does threading, and it is amazing. I mean, it hurts like you wouldn't believe, but it is quick and your eyebrows stay pretty for a long time.
Also, big eyebrows are the best.

Lindsay said...

I hate plucking mine too, my eyes well up with water so I cant even see. bleh! waxing or using an eyebrow shaper is the way to go!

JennaPeyton said...

I just died. Also, please add me to the people who will still be your friend because you know crazy hair Ginger does not mean about a tweezer. Sorry boutcha Geico caveman eyebrows.

Trish is a Dish said...

I agree it hurts... but I always forget to have my stylist do do my eyebrows when I go... so I have to do it... or I too would look like a Sesame Street character...