Thursday, January 28, 2010


In October I started reading "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" by Donald Miller. It's about living a good story. The story God wants you to live. You can be a saved Christian and still be living a pretty boring and unimpressive life, drifting through your life without any real purpose or making any kind of difference. For Don, applying the concept of “story” to his own life meant that he began changing the way he was living. Changing the way he related to the people around him. It’s basically the story of a guy deciding to live life intentionally rather than drift through it.

The book was really moving and eye opening for me. I have a tendency to drift through life. About an hour after I finished the book I got an email From Andy Dukes about a mission opportunity in Macedonia. What?! Was this the beginning of a better story? Was this God saying "Here you go, Allison"? I read the email, prayed, and sent a response saying yes.

So, I will be going to Skopje, Macedonia (which is the country above Greece) in April, with a group of people to minister to the Roma. Roma people are extremely poor and have been persecuted for hundreds of years. They are the largest people group without their own country, so they spread out over most of Europe. We will primarily be working with children and teens while we're in Skopje. I have a passion for these people and am very excited to have the opportunity to directly minister to them.

It's my responsibility to raise the funds for this mission trip. I sincerely believe that God has called me to be part of this and I know he will supply the resources needed. I have to raise about $1350, which is only the flight cost because all in-country costs is being taken care of by the International Mission Board. Awesome huh? If you are interested in making a donation, you can use the paypal link or email me at allisondemott [@] or contact me on facebook. I will then email you my mailing address.


Leann said...

How long will you be gone?

Allison Drew said...

I'll be gone about 10 days!