Thursday, August 11, 2011

hello, goodbye

Despite having to sit in a dimly-lit office while listening to terrible "mood music" involving a pan flute and possibly a wolf howl, I've had a pretty good day. Things have been rather quiet and uneventful around here.

Monday, I mention on my twitter that we hit the pyrex jackpot. And that we got it all for $3.7!. Crazy huh!? Can we also talk about how it's in one of our favorite patterns!! Sadly we were only able to find 3 cups and saucer sets. We got a bunch more but the mosquitoes were starting to bite and my lame phone camera stopped working so no photo right now.

This afternoon I walked around our downtown lake. It was hot and I was gross and sweaty. And I had a red face- which I hate SO much. You just can't take someone with a red face seriously. Anyway, here are some downtown ducks. I love them, especially when they're babies.

Here is a blurry picture of Big Brown at sunset. I love my house. I wish I loved cleaning it.

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