Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August letters

Dear Florida,
I know you're the sunshine state. I know you're known for your beaches and hot weather... but I'm dying here. Sweat stains aren't cute. It's time to calm down.

Dear work,
Please be nice to me. I only have 4 more days until our vacation... which is actually just a trip to NC for a friend's wedding but I'm pretending it's a vacation!

Dear True Blood,
Your last episode had so much weird whisper bedroom talk... but I still really liked it. And I'm really excited about next week's episode.Also, I'm enjoying Bill not being such a sappy-sap!

Dear mystery phone hidden somewhere in the office,
Where are you!? Why are you going off all the time!? Who is your owner!? Get outta here!

Dear Jenna and Nick,
Yay for starting a new life chapter! Nashville has no idea what's coming!

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