Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Brown

As some of you may remember, Ray and I bought our first house back in January. We affectionately refer to it as "Big Brown". Big Brown is our dream house, but it's definitely a fixer-upper. I'm hoping to post a small photo tour soon. We've been adding furniture as we go, which means a mix of my stuff, his stuff, thrift store finds and pieces given to us. We aren't going for anything super thematic (other than our Life Aquatic bathroom and Royal Tenenbaums Dinning Room) but we definitely want a house that reflects our style and taste.

Here are some inspiration photos I got from Pinterest recently:

 I really like the idea of framed vintage handkerchiefs.

 We have a couple of extra bedrooms upstairs with slanted ceilings that I would really like to paint. Also, is this not the most amazing light fixture?
 Cute huh? We want a house that's comfortable and inviting with fun colors and a retro feel. We love mid-century modern furniture, unique lamps and lots of art.


Carrie said...

very cute!!!

JessM said...

I really love these pictures. I'd love if my home looks this way one day

Allison Drew said...

Jessica, you need a pinterest!

Anonymous said...

you know i looked at the first picture before i read, and i immediately thought, "but i thought your stove was on the other side of the kitchen..." clearly that scene and Big Brown are meant to be. Also, remember how living in that upstairs bedroom is still on my to-do list?

Allison Drew said...

Ahahah! Can you please ever live in my house? Or just have an extended stay? Or even a regular stay?

buy rift account said...

Oh my! that was really cute i wish i have a house just like that.=D