Saturday, August 27, 2011


Dear Hurricane Irene,
Why didn't you bring me any rain? People in Florida embrace small hurricanes (and definitely hurricane parties). Others, say in New York, are scared of you. Don't be so rude.

Dear Five Guys,
You were delicious... but you completely ruined me. Completely.

Dear Cowboys and Aliens,
Well, I finally saw you. And while you didn't really have a plot, I really did like seeing cowboys and aliens in the same movie. And I did like that silent boy from Little Miss Sunshine was crazy as hell.

Dear Hobby Lobby,
Thank you for your awesome sales on paint!

Dear Jenna,
Happy almost birthday!



Anonymous said...

Dear Allison,
I. Love. You.
Love, Jenna

Anonymous said...

Dear Allison,
I. Love. You.
Love, Jenna

cottage girl said...

Hurricane parties = yes. Less damage than we anticipated = God's hand of protection. Last hurricane lmost took our entire beachfront. No cool. And not having power (or water) for days on end = not the best.

And Cowboys and Aliens: agreed. Olivia Wilde's dress was perfection though. I would wear it.

I love you "letters" posts. They're my fave.

Allison Drew said...

Thanks! I'm glad you guys were safe! Being without air is one of the worst things about a hurricane... but once in a while instead of everything being humid, the rain will actually cool things down.