Wednesday, March 16, 2011

summer lovin

I really love daylight saving time. I like when the sun isn't blinding me at 7am. I like when the sun is still shinning at 7:30pm. It just gives you more time to go for walks, swim in the springs, have a cook out, or in our case (Ray's case) sand paint off a 100 year old door. Ha!

I may have said this before, but I'm really excited about this summer. When I was a kid I would always say I didn't like summer because I didn't like to sweat, which is still incredibly true. However, I actually did really like summer... and still do!

Summer fun I'm looking forward to:
- swimming in the local springs. If you don't live in the Flo or if you've never experienced swimming in a spring, you should really REALLY look into it.
- floating down the river
- cook outs!
- our Wes Anderson Party! Ahhh! I'm really excited about this!
- 4th of July and watching the downtown fireworks from our house
- fort walton/mobile to see Jenna at camp
- watermelon
- flea market/trift/antique days
- sitting on the porch drinking sweet tea with my husband
- painting! We have a studio/office upstairs and Ray got me an easel (actually he found it on the side of the road... but hey, it works)


cottage girl said...

Sometimes I dream about what summer is like for the rest of the sound glorious. But then again, I would miss camp desperately!

I will be back at the beachfront with 200 children every day. Boats, jellyfish, snakes, sunscreen, banana boats, tubing, crabbing, sand and brackish water. That's summer time to me!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, yay for trips to the mobile so i can rejoice.