Monday, March 14, 2011

monday letters

Dear new job,
Thanks for not being crazy as hell. Also, thank you for letting me listen to pandora. And for telling me that I'm doing a good job.

Dear Ms. Vikki, Whitney, Elizabeth and Jenna,
Thank you for offering to help me make wedding flowers. I'm taking you all up on it! You're saving my life.

Dear Tifton and Valdosta,
Thank you for being part of my weekend. Sometimes I just need to be in Georgia.

Dear Bruster's,
Thank you for the best peanut butter milkshake of my life.

Dear weekend,
I liked you. Let's do it again real soon.

Dear springtime,
While I do not love your pollen, I do love your flowers. And daylight savings.

Dear local printing company,
If you ruin my invitations I will punch you in the throat.

Dear newly painted living room,
You are perfect.

Dear Ray Hancock,
I love you.

LOVE, Allison


Anonymous said...

dear allison, you make me heart the most happy. thank you. love, jenna

Anonymous said...

p.s. by "me" i clearly mean "my". i swear i don't speak tarzan every day on the regular.