Thursday, March 31, 2011

current obsession : gold and cuss words

Lately, Ray and I have been going through the Deadwood series. Deadwood, aka gold and cuss words. And South Dakota. And murder. And prostitution. It might be the crudest show I've ever watched (besides East Bound and Down...ew), but I've really started to enjoy it. It's a western drama set in the 1870s during the gold rush. I'm a big fan of most HBO series because, while they can be excessively crude, I feel like they are far more researched and realistic. The series is based off a real place with real people and events! I love it.

Speaking of western, our rehearsal dinner theme is Spaghetti Western. Spaghetti, because we're having Italian food. Western, because it's fun and all the groomsmen wear boots everyday anyway. I'm pretty excited about it...

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Kelly-Ann said...

This is one of our FAVORITE shows. This is THE reason we named our dog Bullock. His full name is Sheriff Seth Bullock Jones. :)